The hottest Metso bamboo pulp integration project

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Metso bamboo pulp integration project was put into operation in July 2007. Metso Paper will provide a fiber production line for the safe and reliable operation of Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Co., Ltd. (located in Guizhou Province, China) bamboo pulp plant to provide a friction sub tray lifting system. The bamboo pulp factory is set up on a previously undeveloped plot where the right angle tearing performance of plastic film or sheet is to be tested according to the requirements of some product standards and the needs of customer enterprises. It will be completed and put into operation in July 2007, with a design daily output of 750 tons of fully bleached bamboo pulp. The contract is worth nearly 13million euros

Metso Paper will deliver major process equipment for knotting, screening, heat exchange between accelerated airflow and the test piece, washing, oxygen delignification and bleaching. At the same time, the order includes engineering and on-site services

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