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Metso signed an agreement with Syktyvkar household paper group of Russia

recently, Metso signed a supply agreement with Syktyvkar household paper group of Russia again to provide a complete household paper production line to the customer. This production line is expected to be put into operation in the group's new semibratovo paper mill 220 kilometers away from Moscow in mid-2014. The contract amount has not been announced

in 2007, an advantage dct100 provided by Metso company needs to choose a suitable model ejector for life 6 Torque unit: kgf-m, LBF in, dn-m paper machine is put into operation in the group. In 2012, Metso provided the company with large-scale transformation business of household paper machine. All these laid the foundation for the signing of this contract

mark Reznik, general manager of Syktyvkar household paper group, said: it is true that Metso equipment is really first-class, but what makes us more happy is that years of business exchanges have established a close and friendly cooperative relationship between the two sides, and this relationship is still deepening

Leif Forsberg, senior vice president of sales of Metso tissue, said: we are very happy that Syktyvkar has signed supply agreements for large projects with us for three consecutive times. This shows that the close cooperation between us and our customers has brought tangible benefits to both sides

the main contract and automation will be included in the new orders of Metso pulp and paper and power division and Automation Division in the first quarter of 2013 respectively

technical information

Metso supply is a complete household paper production line including advantage DCT 100 HS household paper machine. This high-speed paper machine is equipped with OPTIFLO headbox, Metso cast iron yankee cylinder and advantage aircap yankee cylinder hood. Pulp preparation equipment such as optifiner conical refiner, optiscreen screening purification and paper damage treatment are also included in the supply

in addition, Metso supplies also include electrical systems, pumps, agitators, instruments, vacuum and white water treatment systems. The supply also includes the basic and detailed engineering design, installation and startup services of household paper machine. In addition, Metso will also provide Metso DNA paper machine, process and transmission control and Metso IQ quality control system

the new paper machine has a width of 2.7 meters and a speed of 2000 meters/min. after it is put into operation, it will increase the annual output of toilet paper, napkins and main technical parameters of the group: towel paper by 30000 tons

about Syktyvkar household paper group

at present, Syktyvkar household paper group accounts for about 10% of the Russian household paper market, and is one of the most famous household paper manufacturers in the country. The company has 385 employees, with an annual output of nearly 45000 tons of household paper. The headquarters and production plant of the company are located in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi in the northwest of Russia

about Metso

Metso's pulp and paper and power experts are all over the fields of technology, mechanical equipment, services, paper machine blankets and filters. The business includes new production lines, transformation projects and services, covering the whole life cycle of the process

Metso is a global supplier, providing support for the sustainable development of mining, construction, automation, pulp, paper, power, oil, natural gas and other industries with leading technology. Its business organizations are located in more than 50 countries around the world, with a total of about 30000 employees. The company's shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange

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