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Metso LOKOMO factory held a grand celebration of its 100th anniversary

Metso LOKOMO factory held a grand celebration of its 100th anniversary

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Metso tempele factory (locally known as LOKOMO) held a celebration of its 100th anniversary in may. LOKOMO was founded in Tampere, Finland, in April 1915. Today, Tampere plant has become the most important global capacity center of mobile crusher of Metso, and continues to develop safe and efficient ore and rock crushing and screening equipment

"LOKOMO's 100 year development history fully shows its ability to implement transformation and innovation and maintain a leading position in technology in the past century. Looking back on its history, Metso Tampere factory has always adhered to bold transformation and continuously developed innovative technologies to meet the needs of the times since the first half of this year. Among them, it has evolved into Metso's crushing equipment capacity center with global standards, which is the best example." Matti kahkonen, President and CEO of Metso, said

"in the past century, LOKOMO factory has successfully developed into the hub of Metso's crushing technology. This is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of thousands of employees to make it a powerful and international level capability center of Metso." Pirjo Virtanen, vice president of Metso operations and site manager, pointed out

as the local steam locomotive manufacturer in Tampere, the dust emission concentration of Lo chimney is 8mg/nm3~10mg/nm3komo, which was put into operation in 1915. The name of the company comes from the word "locomotive"; Several years later, the first crusher was manufactured for the national public road and Waterway Administration Committee. The primary motivation for the production of steam locomotives and crushers is that the company has its own steel casting plant. As early as the 1920s, the steel casting plant had advanced facilities

Over the years, LOKOMO factory has produced various products, such as church bells, peat mining equipment, steam rollers and graders, mobile cranes, and forestry equipment

Tampere factory has more than 700 employees, and most of Metso's mobile crushing products are produced here. Over the past 30 years, the factory has produced more than 7000 mobile crushing and screening stations for Metso

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