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Metso: further promote the development of embedded sensor technology

within the whole process control range, Metso continues to establish chemical, colorimetric and conductivity measurement standards. The new kajaanipolarox5 and kajaanicormec5 are embedded sensor products that Metso continues to develop for pulp bleaching, whiteness and chromaticity control solutions. They represent the fifth generation of meizhuo's successful sensor family, adhering to the company's decades of experience and the latest intelligent platform technology, efficient communication standards and other common diagnostic tools (DTM) for meizhuo sensors and transmitters. The new mechanical design is fully compatible with the previous equipment in terms of size and characteristics, but many improvements have been made to make it more cost-effective in various types of process applications. With higher process pressure standards, smaller sizes and classified safety technical specifications, the new sensors can show excellent performance in measurement and control and achieve the best results

The applications of kajaanicormec5 include whiteness measurement and bleaching control of kraft pulp and mechanical pulping, dip/rcf whiteness, chromaticity and Eric measurement, prepared pulp chromaticity and mineral slurry whiteness monitoring. Faster measurement speed, customized light source and detector hardness tester have the same function components that can not be ignored. Coupled with the diagnostic control of optical signal stability, unparalleled accuracy is created. The main tested features of kajaanipolarox5 linear electrochemical measurement are the automatic cleaning of electrodes and the high stability brought by self diagnosis and continuous electronic monitoring. It provides a variety of chemical residue measurement methods in the control applications of acid salt pulp bleaching and residue neutralization, mechanical pulp bleaching and dip/rcf bleaching

kemotron, a well-known conductivity measurement brand, was acquired by Metso in 2008 and is now the core part of Metso's embedded sensor product series. Kemotron not only meets the requirements of plant operation standards in many pulp, paper and processing industries, but also plays an important role in the chemical, power, pharmaceutical and food industries. However, this is a major challenge. It also plays an important role in the application of bond conductivity measurement

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