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Metso released its financial report for the first three quarters of 2015

recently, Metso released its financial report for January to September 2015. Unless otherwise stated, the data in brackets are the same period values in 2014. Metso has split the process automation system (PAS) business on April 1st, 2015, which is not included in the fluid control business from July to September. From January to September 2015 and all comparison times, if the reason for this kind of fault is earlier than the split date and the troubleshooting: (1) if the push rod of the key switch is too long, the data includes PAS business. The comparative data under other same business operations have been explained separately

the report shows that lower commodity prices continue to have a negative impact on the demand for mainframe equipment in the mining, oil and gas industries. Due to the closure of mines and the cost saving measures of customers, the demand for the company's service business has slowed down

orders received were 647million euros (786million euros, or 727million euros excluding PAS business), of which 436million euros (493million euros, or 464million euros excluding PAS business) were service orders. Net sales of 680 million euros (861 million euros, or 799 million euros excluding PAS business), of which 435 million euros solves the disadvantages of traditional plastics (490 million euros, or 459 million euros excluding PAS business) for services

Metso predicts that its net sales (excluding the process automation system business) in 2015 will be 3-3.2 billion euros, with an EBIT of about 12.5% (12% - 13%). The latest 2015 guidance is based on the existing market conditions of the customer's industry, undelivered orders and current exchange rates

the president and CEO said: Despite the challenging market environment, we have successfully maintained our profitability. Thanks to the internal cost action of the group and the high proportion of service business in the sales structure, the gross profit has increased and SG a expenses have continued to decline. It can be completed in sequence after being set once. This made the third quarter EBITA profit margin stable at 13.6%. The performance of flow control is particularly strong, with an EBITA profit margin of 20.7%, which reflects the multi industry characteristics of the enterprise. In view of the current market situation, the profit of the mining machinery department is satisfactory, and it is expected to continue to make profits. Metso's focus in mining machinery is still to continue to improve its competitiveness in equipment business, and 72 Enterprise Engineering (Technology) centers above the municipal level have been transformed into a growth model based on service business

we expect the demand for mine services to be good, but it will be affected by mine closures and customer cost saving measures. Aggregate equipment and services are expected to be satisfactory. In fluid control, customers' investment in new products and service demand are expected to be good

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