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Metso toilet paper machine set a new speed record in HengAn paper factory

Weifang paper factory of HengAn company, an advantage DCT 200 visconip toilet paper machine provided by Metso company, ran at an average speed of 2000 meters/minute for more than a month, setting a new speed record for toilet paper machine

Wu Hanxing, general manager of Shandong HengAn Paper Co., Ltd., said: Thank Metso and our front-line staff from 1991 to 2013. Their joint efforts have resulted in this amazing achievement. Since there is no problem of shutdown, this crushing arrangement can ensure higher speed and continuous production, thus making our market position more solid

HengAn company has one advantage visconip toilet paper machine (No.8 and No.6 machines respectively) in operation in Changde, Hunan Province and Anhai, Fujian Province

advantage visconip squeezing device also has the advantage of saving energy consumption. Using advantage DCT 200 Wei like HengAn Weifang 4. Due to the vibration of the pressure blasting testing machine in the transportation process, the connection of various pipelines or valves may become loose. The paper machine can save 750000 euros of energy consumption every year

visconip press is consistent with the shape of yankee cylinder, which can maintain extremely uniform line pressure in the wide range of kn/m. Compared with the case where the hard roll or metal shoe contacts the yankee cylinder, the advantage visconip press is very elastic and can change the shape according to the surface changes of the yankee cylinder. It maintains the line pressure required for paper pressing in a uniform manner. Compared with vacuum roller press, this kind of press can ensure the uniform transverse distribution of the paper web. The higher adhesion of the paper web ensures softness and loose thickness

visco introduced nip technology in 2005 through the analysis of these data. More and more paper mills around the world have adopted this pressing technology to produce toilet paper, so how to choose the well cover pressure tester to some extent? This article will become an industry standard for everyone

in 2012, three advantage visconip tissue machines will be started up and operated in China. The three are located in Fujian Province: Hengli Nanan paper mill No. 2, Xiamen Xinyang paper industry No. 1 and Fuzhou Gefen sanitary products Co., Ltd. No. 1

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