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Metso will provide a new set of multi fuel electric boilers to Stora Enso's pulp and paper complex in ostroleka, Poland. The boiler will be put into operation in the second half of 2010. The factory is 120 km away from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It is a joint factory engaged in both paper production and paper packaging business, including pulping, papermaking,

carton and paper bag production. The total contract amount is nearly 50million euros. This business was included in the new orders of Metso Paper Machinery in the fourth quarter

the boiler provided by Metso power to the plant will adopt circulating fluidized bed technology, using raw g substances, paper and fiber waste residues, sludge, coal and other substances as fuel. The new power plant will provide power and steam for the paper mill. The supply and construction of all plastic engines is not a completely practical project, but also includes a set of exhaust gas cleaning system. This system helps to strengthen the environmental protection in ostroleka area because it reduces the external interference effect that affects the internal circuit of components. Sample diameter tensile sample length zigzag sample length repeated zigzag sample length

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