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The application prospect of silk screen printing technology

printing is called universal printing. It can print on various printing materials, such as various plastics, textiles, metals, glass, ceramics and other materials, and can be used in commerce, advertising, decoration, art, construction, publishing, printing and dyeing, electronics and so on. In short, any shaped object, regardless of shape, size, thickness and texture, can be printed. Therefore, since the 1970s, printing has developed all over the world. Since the 1980s, China has accelerated the research and development of materials, equipment and processes for plate printing, making it play an advantage in the competition with flexo printing, offset printing and gravure printing. With the further deepening of China's reform and opening up, the development of industry and agriculture, and the improvement of people's living standards, it is expected that China will become the largest Indian market in the world in the 21st century

printing has its own unique advantages: less investment, low cost, easy to master technology, easy to promote and develop. The traditional offset printing and gravure printing, in order to meet the requirements of color large format, need to invest at least millions of yuan, and are limited to PCs within the full opening range, which is the rhythm of the rise. The popular large-scale inkjet photo system is not only expensive and expensive, but also relies on imports, so it is still very difficult to implement. Although digital printing is now surging and in the ascendant, digital printing technology has also revolutionized printing plate making and printing technology, and the competition with plate printing is very fierce. Digital pressureless printing has also taken away part of the printing market, but digital printing cannot replace printing. Because printing has the advantages that cannot be replaced by other printing, it has a competitive advantage compared with other printing, and the future market will combine digital printing and printing to promote the development of printing industry to a greater extent

first, there will be more opportunities for printing in commercial advertisements

the brand awareness of Chinese consumers is gradually strengthened, and some large companies, especially electrical appliance companies and tobacco and alcohol companies, cannot ignore this. The timeliness and quality of advertising determine the market share of the company to a certain extent. Electrical advertisements, packaging advertisements, outdoor advertisements, signs, credit cards, and children's toy advertisements provide a broad space for plate printing, but at the same time, they also require that printed products must have new technology and timely supply. In the business competition, large-scale outdoor advertisements are valued because of their wide vision and good effect. For this reason, with the development of the professional production experimental machine of Jinan Shijin for many years, it has increasingly shown its technical advantages in large format color advertisements, such as large batch, low price, bright colors, long storage life, fast delivery, etc., which has been recognized by more and more planning departments and advertising management departments in large and medium-sized cities and attracted many advertisers. For example, when walking in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, the valve spring ensures that the valve is seated in time and closely fits Ming and other cities, especially the subway passage in Beijing. Large format color advertisements are colorful and can be seen everywhere. Domestic large format color printers and supporting equipment are in short supply

the printing industry basically serves the consumer industry. China has a large population, a large consumer market, a gradual improvement in living standards, and people are also gradually paying attention to the brand of products, which determines that China is the largest market in the world's printing industry, and also determines that the potential market for commercial advertising in China, India and India is huge. In the next 10 years, commercial advertising in India will continue to develop at a high speed

II. Printing shows great vitality in the packaging industry

according to the information provided by authoritative institutions, the Asian packaging market is developing rapidly. Among many Asian countries, China's packaging industry has grown the fastest, with a growth rate of 20% to 30% since the 1990s. In 2000, China's packaging GDP reached US $27billion to US $28billion. There is no doubt that the continuous development and application of printing equipment will better serve the packaging and decoration industry, contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and printing industry, and also bring a broader market to the printing industry

with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the expansion of domestic and foreign markets and the increasing requirements of consumers for product packaging, the proportion of printing application in packaging will continue to increase, and its application field has expanded from the printing of self-adhesive trademarks and signs to the printing of high-end packaging boxes and bottles, especially cigarette bags and wine bags

in terms of packaging design, prints can be designed by computer, and PKU founder's software has mature technology for packaging design. Indian enterprises will use these new technologies to adjust the structure and give full play to Indian advantages, which will occupy more packaging markets

III. printing of electronic products still occupies an absolute advantage

the share of printing technology in the field of electronic industry is as high as 90%. To produce a TV set, we need a lot of printing technology, such as plate printing for switches and operation panels, printing technology for display screens, and printing technology for printed circuit boards. Without printing, there would be no circuit board, and without circuit board, there would be no TV. This shows the importance of printing. Large ultra-thin TV sets and liquid crystal display films, which represent the future development trend, still need to adopt printing technology. At the turn of the century, we will enter the multimedia era. Large flat panel display devices such as plasma display pole (POP) and plasma logo liquid crystal display (PALC) have been put into commerce, and their development is increasingly inseparable from printing

IV. printing is involved in the decoration industry

at present, a new technology, namely printing emulsified glass and color printing glass, is being implemented all over the country. This technology uses chemical and optical principles to make various geometric patterns into plates, prints an environmental friendly emulsifier directly on the surface of the glass, and washes the printing material away with water in a few seconds, which can get a clear and recognizable decorative glass with emulsifying effect. This kind of glass is very easy to wash. Once the shortcomings of frosted glass in the past such as high cost, dust flying everywhere and difficult to clean are changed, its products have real, natural and luxurious effects, and it is estimated that it will be vigorously promoted in the next few years

v. printing will play a role in wedding dress background and color curtains

in the past, wedding dress background and color curtains were mostly painted manually before the experimental results could be stored in the computer. The production cost was high, the speed was slow, and the quality could not be guaranteed. In recent years, the special background for wedding photography is better than "suddenly like the spring breeze of the night, thousands of trees and pear blossoms bloom". A new type of simulated wedding background and color simulated curtains are all over the exclusive stores, and the price is much higher than that painted by hand. At present, India has just stepped into this industry, and its momentum is on the verge of development. Compared with any traditional printing method, block printing has incomparable advantages. It has strong competitiveness, vitality and continuous popularity. The prospect of block printing will be bright

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