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Metso revealed the production time of Nine Dragons new paper machine

Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. chose Finnish Metso Paper Company as its supplier of 400000 tons of carton board machine in the new year. This 1100 ton daily output of China's largest carton board machine is planned to be put into production in the second half of 2002

the specific situation of the paper machine is as follows: Metso provides the whole production line, including a 3-long forming part with 3 hydraulic headboxes, a pressing part with 2 shoe presses, a drying part, a calender and a winder In addition, the transmission of the machine includes over-current, over-pressure, steam, condensate and air systems, water spray, lubrication and automation of the paper machine

all parts of the paper machine are jointly provided by Metso Paper's companies in Sweden, Finland and China. The machine width is set at 5.95 meters and the speed is 1100 meters/second The main raw material is American used cardboard This item reduces the value of friction coefficient; The main investor of the project, Central South Company of the United States, located in California, is the largest waste paper exporter from the United States to China, accounting for% of the Chinese market share Nine Dragons is a production enterprise invested by it, which was established in 1996 The paper mill currently produces 600000 tons a year, and the new paper machine technology is almost the same as the one provided by Metso last year

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