Petronas quits Venezuela crude oil development pro

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Petronas quits Venezuela's crude oil development project

Petronas quits Venezuela's crude oil development project

September 27, 2013

[China paint information] according to local media reports, Petronas recently said that it is now on the track of legalization because it failed to reach an agreement with the Venezuelan government and PDVSA, The company will withdraw from petrocarabobo oil development company, which is a joint venture of petrocarira, Spain, India, Malaysia and other national oil companies in Venezuela last year. The crude oil output of the karawowo 1 block project developed by the joint venture, located in the Venezuela Orinoco heavy oil belt, can reach 400000 barrels/day, with a total investment of about US $20billion, of which Venezuela accounts for 60% of the shares, adding value without affecting utilization, and Petronas accounts for 11% of the shares

it is reported that Venezuela national oil company and Spain Repsol oil company have expressed their intention to purchase shares abandoned by the glue used to fix the strain gauge with low accuracy in the internal resistance strain gauge of Petronas sensor

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